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Our handmade peanut cookies are back for the holiday celebrations! Pre-order for delivery on January 31st or February 7th 2024*, just in time for Lunar New Year celebrations.


Our handmade peanut cookies are a Lunar New Year favourite, made with freshly roasted peanuts for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each bite is bursting with peanut freshness. Don't miss out on this special treat - order now for a delicious and memorable Lunar New Year celebration.


*Orders are dispatched via third-party courier services on standard next day delivery. Any delays at the hands of the courier are out of our control. 


Peanut Cookies

Out of Stock

Stored in a reusable plastic jar and screw on lid. May be different than pictured.

Size: Approximately 40 bite-sized cookies in a 750ml jar.

Storage: Ambient

Shelf Life: 7+ days

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