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rice & shine

Rice Guys came to life in 2017 when Kea, Vanessa & Andrew realised that there simply wasn't enough good Chinese food in London's office lunch scene and decided to do something about it.

If you're reading this at your desk in the office while dreaming of doing something more exciting, we've been there!

It was over drinks when we met up and the topic of what we would rather be doing with our lives came up. Food was something that we all shared a passion for. When we further discussed what kind of food and branding would actually work, the seed for Rice Guys was planted. 

Whilst pursuing careers in the corporate world, we craved the kind of food that we would cook at home but never seemed to have the time to prepare with the gruelling hours we were putting in at the office. We became increasingly aware of (and a little bit frustrated with) the lack of a recognisable Chinese quick service brand in the city that was affordable AND delicious. We asked ourselves why.

Could it be the stereotype that Chinese takeaway is greasy, unhealthy or unappealing? Or was it simply too complex to cater to the masses? Our rebellious selves mustered the guts to quit our cushy jobs and set out creating a brand that would challenge these beliefs.

Learn more about our food and our team !

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