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rice is life

We make fresh food from natural ingredients to create that fantastic flavour

that will keep you wanting more.

Our staple Chinese dishes are made from our own home kitchen recipes,

which may or may not be similar to what you know, but that's okay.

We know there are different versions, different styles of Chinese food all across the world,  which is what makes it so great!

We just want to bring some form of comfort food to customers longing for a familiar

taste of home, and those that just want to try something new!

Our chilled meals and sauces can be purchased (delivering nationwide) on PEZU.

smoky barbecue pork
Our original signature dish that each of our founders had
a hand in creating. We wanted to make something
recognisably Chinese and do it better than you'd expect
to get at street food stalls.
To stick to our values of being colouring, flavouring and
preservative free, we started by making the marinade from scratch.
The pork is marinated for at least 24 hours and then slow roasted.
We top it off with our addictive honey soy glaze,
made with our secret ingredient that will have you wanting more.
Rice Guys pig pork drawing
hainanese roast chicken
The Hainanese style chicken rice is a very popular Chinese dish in Malaysia and Singapore where some of us are from, and the apparent simplicity of it makes it a go to dish for many people. What people don't see is the laborious process that goes into making all the pieces that go into it. The chicken rice is cooked in chicken broth and spices, chicken marinated and glazed for roasting, and each of the three sauces made fresh from scratch. We started with a roasted version instead of the traditional poached chicken due to our equipment available at the time, and it has now become our most popular dish and fan favourite!
stickerAsset 25_4x.png
funghi mapo tofu
We try to make sure we cater to the majority of diets
so we created this vegan dish that is
full of flavour and spices.
In various Chinese cuisines, this dish is usually prepared 
with some form of meat. To create this vegan version,
we used dried shiitake mushrooms to get that umami flavour
and a medley of fresh mushrooms to get various
textures, making it absolutely delicious!
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