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Our marinated dry aged cantonese roast duck (raw & ready to cook) is back for the holiday celebrations! Pre-order for delivery on January 31st or February 7th 2024*, just in time for Lunar New Year celebrations. This item can be frozen without change in quality - just defrost it in the refrigerator the day before you want to cook it!


You can now get that perfect golden skin on this aromatic Cantonese style roast duck every time! With its unbeatable flavour and tender, juicy meat you can impress your guests with minimal effort - a simple 3 step process to prep (air dry 2-6 hours), cook (roast in oven in just under an hour) and serve (carve or chop).*Orders are dispatched via third-party courier services on standard next day delivery. Any delays at the hands of the courier are outside our control. Orders will be packaged chilled, safe for transport for up to 48 hours.

Dry Aged Cantonese Roast Duck (Raw & Ready to Cook)

Out of Stock

Contents: Marinated & Dry Aged Raw Whole Duck, Soy Dipping Sauce, Chilli Oil

Size: Whole duck approximately 1.6-1.8kg after dry aging process. Serves 2-3 people.

Source: Silver Hill Farm, Ireland This item is Halal.

Shelf life: 5+ days.

Storage: Keep refrigerated or freeze up to 3 months. 

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